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Hey Girl you are stronger than me !!!! January 23, 2009

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She met me with a warm smile but soon i could make out how fake it was.

I had known her for almost a decade and she has been really close to me. Last year she went to Gurgaon to work in an automobile company. To cut the long story short she had to face lewd comments and had to fight with perverts to guard her space. As far as i knew her she never believed in the saying ‘ if you can not beat them, join them’.  Therefore she fought, for she always has been a fighter.  After a while she changed her job but was not at all amused by the incedent and was quite disturbed by it.

Last week when i met her she told me story when i pressed her a lot. She asked me a simple question of which i had no answers. She said” Mujtaba,Why is it so tough to be a girl”. I joked and said” Hey i’ve been a boy all my life how can i know” but deep down inside i had no answers, just a helpless silence overpowered me. i felt bad and wished i could help her someway but in this big, bad world i am an insignificant force.

I sometime ponder that with all the degrees and percentages if we cannot learn how to treat a lady then what is the social importance of it.i read about the gender inequality being prevelent in old times, in lesser educated areas but quite lately i realised the fast paced big city people can be far more ugly and henious than we imagined. The world is fake far more cruel to the weaker sex. With all the pain they actually go through this terminology lost its meaning. The fairer sex is actually far more understanding and stronger and no longer deserves to be called a weaker one.But i guess they have always been like this.I salute them.

The world is fast changing but the trials and tribulations of the women remains the same. The trauma that they face makes the face of this world far more ugly . We call ourselves a free nation but how free are we when women,the better half of the population cannot walk with a fearless mind. .Its so easy to be afraid for someone we know and fight with the menace and when its concerned with a girl we dont know then we conveniently become the menace ourselves.i feel I share the guilt myself being a man.It must be quite abrupt for the ladies to go through the searching eyes of strangers everyday. i would have wept out of humiliation but thats what make the women so strong. Thank god I am a man.

There are few ugly things and you cannot do anything about it.Its a shame that your sisters and close friends have to go through all the madness alonebut one could only wish that world can one day will come out of the rags and clutter and transform into a beautiful place for our daughters before its too late.

with a silent prayer…….


Rahman : Superb in the superlative January 22, 2009

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the nominations for 81st academy awards have been announced and guess who is smiling. Our very own AR Rahman finally is on a triumphant path and has done what no indian could achieve before him.He has bagged 3 nominations for Oscars including one for the best score and two for best original song.

He is finally getting the accolades which were so long due for him and what he so rightly deserved. After the Golden Globe glory its time for the Oscars. No doubt every body is in praise for AR for we all salute the rising sun but AR
(as he is better known among his friends) is above all the awards. He is a man of shear genius.Oscar or no Oscar but for us back at home he shall always be a pure magician.

Some might say that had the music of ‘Slumdog ‘ been in any hindi movie than it wouldn’t have got such acclaims but AR doesn’t mind that. He said the world is beginning to
accept our music and he even said that award is not the vindication of a superb work but he was overjoyed by the response that his work got.He even said”For the people of India to get an Oscar is a big thing. So for their sake, more than mine, I hope my song ‘Jai ho’ and my music score in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ win the Oscar,’
but his humility was evident when he said that “no award can judge pure music”,said Rahman.
This explains that if we haven’t got an Oscar earlier than it doesn’t mean that our work was in any mean inferior to anyone else.

Its just the beginning and lets hope i get a chance to praise Rahman on the day when he actually gets the Oscar.
Good Luck AR.


Oh Salman ! What have you done to yourself January 21, 2009

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The Hindi film industry is ruled by 3 khans since long- SRK, Aamir, Salman. Although Aamir And Shahrukh are still doing fine but the things are getting increasingly difficult for Salman.With hardly any hit film to his credit since a long while, Salman faces a threat of being soon termed as a thing of the past.He is more in the news being in love with Katrina than for any other reason. His Acting skills were always a questionable entity and he has survived mainly on his looks, physique and style. Quite recently he was seen in a flick’ Heroes’ dressed up as a sardar where he acted horribly.The dialogues he spoke in punjabi were uttered in bits and pieces and looked as if it was forced on him. It reminded me of something called ‘Ham-acting’.

Yes, I know Salman is a benevolent man and it will take ages for me to even reach 1% of which he is today, but being an ardent fan i have myreasons to be angry with the way salman has guided (and at the same time wasted) his career. Highly unprofessional approach has limited his growth as an actor. One is forced to think that he could have done so much better.Due to his attitude he hasn’t worked with the big banners.Some say out of choice but i have my doubts.

Salman has had huge fan following and even his worthless films like Garv, Salam-e-Ishq, Tumko na Bhool Payenge,Lucky, Hello enjoyed a healthy opening at the box office only on the brand name Salman.
His fans have been patient till now but only time will tell whether they are willing to put their money on an ageing horse. A lot is on stake on his coming film with Asin’London dreams’, but if it fails then it might even write a swan song for Salman.


The Tale Of Twin Cities January 15, 2009

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Gomti not only divides Lucknow in two halves but also has great effect on the spirit and nature of people living there.Trans-Gomti Lucknow, although shares the name with the old city, yet it is almost a different city in all way of speaking.Like two parallel lines, there are two absolutely different cultures within the city of Nawabs.The City is divided by Gomti in contrasting style and nature.Trans Gomti Lucknow is like a place of ‘haves’ and the old city is the place of ‘have-nots’.

The Old City has people living there since ages and even if they migrated there then they assimilated the culture and the  behavious peculiar to the regular lucknowite, but the people living in trans gomti area( i.e aliganj, gomti nagar, indra nagar etc) are the ones who live in the city because they came there in search for jobs.Most of them rich and affluent yet they lack the princely complacency and sophistication of the people of the old part of the city.