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Lucknow Gets A New Sister City- Brisbane March 29, 2009

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Lucknow’s Mayor has recieved an invitation from Brisbane City Council to establish a sister city relationship between them. It is a marvellous opportunity whose mere thought gives immence pleasure to the Lucknowites.
Lucknow would be the first city in india to have such honour. Currently, Brisbane has various sister cities, including Kobe (Japan), Semarang (Indonesia), Auckland (New Zealand), Chongquing (China), Kaohsiung (Taiwan),Daejeon (Korea) and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Although its hard to believe that the condition of Lucknow would improve but surely in days you would probably see shops around brisbane selling banarasi pan and people roaming around in Kurta-payjamas with rich embroidery…….the sky of brisbane will be populated with colourfull kites flying all over it. The attitude of those people is likely to metamorphose into a much more complicated one. Those people will be affected by our life style and hence will become more laid-back and give into a princely swagger. People in brisbane could now be spotted fighting in a more polite tone because all these things are the very basic traits of us lucknowites…..this is what we are known for.  This is to say tha if brisbane would be linked to us then they can not evade from getting a touch of our soul.


A PAK Of Cards March 5, 2009

The cricketing world was shocked by the attack on the lankan team but to sincerely speak,i wasnt. As an Indian i felt vindicated on the fact that our government did the correct thing by not sending our nation cricket team to a terrorised and almost a terrorist country-Pakistan.
Sri Lankans were very restless to play cricket in pak in the wake of our rejection. They were trying to be our substitute and now i believe that they would not even go to any place where us indians will deny going( not even in there own back yards).
On the more lighter note , i believe that this attack must have been funded by the pakistani bowlers.(hehehe)Samaravera along with fellow lankan batsmenwere piling on double centuries. had the tour gone ahead then many of the cricketing records would have been shattered.
But the Lahore commissioner thinks otherwise.He childishly pointed the finger on the big brother country-India. I ask him,how would he explain the so-called “indian terrorists” coming to Pakistan , easily firing bullets, rocket launchers, grenades in such a high security area and then calmly dissapearing into thin air of bazaars of Lahore. This would happen only if the pakistanis were extremely fond of indians and would prefer to die before letting anybody know about the whereabouts of the attackers.
Interestingly the commissioner Hamid Gul is himself an ex ISI top agent.this makes me think that pakistani people are such morons to let such idiots work in their intelligence services. Sadly he isnt the only idiot. One other man called Imran Khan once said that “The Indian team need not fear about any attacks because if the terrorists would attack then they will loose all the moral ground in a cricket crazy country. ” today he again opened his mouth by saying” There is no way one can deny that Pakistan is not safe now.No country will want to send its players here for any tournament.this must be the handywork of outsiders”.
You know what i wish to say to Imran-” Dude !!! Grow Up.Clean your mess then blame others…..or else the time will prove you wrong like it just blown our assurance of no attack on cricketers theory”.
Lastly i wish to say that may the Lankan cricketers recuperate fast and start playing soon……
Let there be Peace.