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The Art Of Letting Go..!!.. April 14, 2009

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Letting go is hard,but it is an essential part of our Life.And unless you learn ,how to let go – whether it’s your toy when you’re a child and need to give it away because  you’re  too old for it,or your  first love who for some reason cannot be yours – you will never grow .You will have feelings of hurt,remorse guilt and self-pity,but once you acknowledge those feelings.and understand why letting go will in turn ,later benefit you and those around you,the  process will become easy to tackle..


We are all wired differently.So,quite naturally,when what you think will happen does not happen,it leaves you angry ,upset and hurt.However when you cool down and look back to see what you learnt from the experiences,you will begin to understand a couple of things -it was never meant to be yours because your personalities mismatched and-you can never change anybody forcibly,but you can try to change yourself. And once you let go,you also realise there is  a world outside the one you were clinging on to.Also,everything is predestined,and if you believe in the purity  of your self then hold tight one belief that God can never do to you what is wrong.He is the only one who helps us to cruise through every tough time.He loves us too much to embroil us with pain for too long.

Letting go  revitalises your body and mind like nothing else can.It is easy to let go.Acknowledge the hurt and pain in first place.Life is unfair.Accept that.Nobody gets dealt with same set of cards.There is happiness and sorrow in different parts of everyone’s lives,only we dont know is when we have to go throughh our share of eacch.

Life is too short to hold on to anything.This is the time to let go.Do it mentally first..MOVE ON…

Dont let it stagnate to a pool of regrets,hatred and old grouses.Grow up.Choose to be joyous and happy..

“Time moves only forward.It leaves the past behind.To be liberated is to switch our minds off and erase the old files.We can take a tip from time -Leave the past where it belongs …in the past…..

Move on..Life is beautiful..Hold it with both your hands and just realise  how lucky and blessed you are..

Make most of  every moment and you will never run out of reasons to smile and celebrate.. 🙂

Inshallah..  🙂 🙂 🙂


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