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Kudos to you- Puja, Neera and Shubhra April 29, 2009

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The amount of courage that mother nature bestowed upon the heart of a mother is endless. A mother when fears the existence of her child become capable of unmatched grit and valor, she does the impossible and fights the world singlehandedly. A unique ability that no other being possess or might ever dare to achieve. Puja Chopra has been crowned as new Miss India. The success of Puja Chopra vindicated her mothers decision of leaving her father after he neglected his daughters. Neera Chopra, the mother of the current Famina Miss India Puja Chopra , is a women of resolve. She brought up her two daughters, Shubhra and Puja, all by herself after she was forced out of the house of her husband, when Puja was just 20 days old and Shubhra was just 7 years old. Puja proved no matter how much the odds are against you still all it takes to prove your worth is just a little courage stirred gently in a cup of patience. She should more aptly be termed as the Destiny’s Child. She came from a very humble family and saw a lot of hardships. Mother saw fighting her saw through abject poverty all alone and she gave what ever she could give, still the family of three females were more or less hand to mouth most of the time. Her mother recalls how her elder daughter would save her food so that she could give it to her younger sister the next day for lunch. All the possible problems could not keep her mother away from dreaming of a day when her daughter would do her proud. The faith in her eyes kept her going while her worked 16-18 hours in a Hotel and still managed to give odd tuitions in whatever time she managed. Neera , remembers how her husband neglected her after she could not give him a male child. The apathy and neglect forced her to choose between her husband or her daughters. She choose her daughters and decided to fight her way and prove her husband wrong , who thought daughters were worthless. Today when Puja became Miss India then a good chunk of her success should be owed to the courage of her mother and sister. I salute you Mrs Neera Chopra. You are a fountain of inspiration. A lot of women today are fighting their small wars at the battlefronts confined within the boundaries of their own houses. Women are fighting to keep their marriage alive and are silently bearing the physical and verbal abuse. A mentality of the world is still biased towards the male counterpart. May be I believe that men know deep down inside them that women are more powerful and if they will allow them to rise then they might displace them from their position in the society. The world was shocked by the images of Taliban punishing a woman by whipping her publically. The world stood up protesting against it and quite rightly so. But let me remind you that a lot of women still face the neglect and abuse all across the world. The only difference is that it is not public. Both form of crime against women is heinous. For the sake of keeping their marriages intact women choose to say nothing. I just cant think of the trauma and the pressure that goes in their minds. A lot of you may say that the things have improved but I believe a lot needs to be done. The men needs to give up the idea of supremacy and realize that the equality of stature of women. I have heard about the evolution of species. Think what would happen if the women would evolve themselves against all the crime committed against them and biologically decide to give birth to only female child. If the crime shall persist then the evolution could continue and then the male female ratio could drop significantly. Then one day would come when the current species of men would phase out and a different, less strong species of men would come into being. They would be ruled by women then. The women would then take the upper hand. Then every body in the Government would be Women and men would cry for getting a 30 % quota in the parliament and they will be declined. They would only fight election if their criminal wife is not allowed to contest. Men would be sexually abused at the busses, train or the area of public transport etc. Men would fear going out alone in the dark and they would read about the golden days of history when they used to rule the world. I wish that that day should not come therefore I plead to all my brothers to kindly spread the awareness about the equality of gender and try to respect the other sex as well. By the time this doesn’t happen all I say is that- Kudos to Womenhood.


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