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The War brings out the devil within us May 20, 2009

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The bodies of the family members of the notorious terrorist Prabhakaran were found yesterday in a pile of 18-20 bodies in the Nandikadal channel area. His wife Mathivathani Erambu, daughter Duwaraka and his younger son Balachandran were killed by the army. Although prabhakaran was a threat to Sri Lanka but i believe that his family could have been spared. The 13 year old boy Balachandran was defence less. atleast the ladies must have been given a different treatment. When you do not behave in a gentleman’s way with someone then how come you deserve or demand a gentlemen’s behaviour. Prabhakaran was no doubt a terrorist but the modern day army should have some values and ethics. It was really bad to see the fate of the family of the slained terrorist. Although I have no symapathy waht so ever with the LTTE chief but i still believe in giving respect to the defenceless.

The war brings out the evil within us and we finally become the person whom we hate so much. The tough hand with which the people in war effected zone were held shows that with success a lot of arrogance do comes naturally. The civilians were brutally murdered and i believe what will happen if more ‘prabhakaran’ get born from the ruins of this catastrophe. Army is after all an organised unit and it should refrain itself from getting in the human rights violations. Old vedas and history of India taught me that in the early days when the war used to be fought then rules were followed.Sarthi( driver of the rath) was never targeted. This shows that we were more civilised in the past and as the time went by we became more and more barbarous. I am of an opinion that even in the wake of a war one should not forget the value of an innocent life. What happened with Prabhakaran was all right but his family did not deserve what happened to them. The Sri Lankan Army became a terrorist to kill a terrorist.


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