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Failure is never final May 29, 2009

Filed under: Inspirational,Serious — Mujtaba @ 11:21 pm

They say that the end justifies the means. My last few days at college were filled with anger , despair, a feeling of helplessness and most importantly extreme frustation. These wild emotions incessantly resonated inside me through-out my stay at IIMT last year and my last few days were no different. These feelings do not die easily and slowly eat your soul. My elders told me that heaven and hell lies on earth itself and we get punished for our deeds in this very life. I know for what i was punished but today I feel like as if my days of penance are over . Now whatever happens to me can’t be as bad as circa 2008-2009. But you can ‘t be sure what life has in store for you. My dad once told me that life gets harder and harder with every passing day. I do believe in what he said but one thing is for sure that i am better prepared to meet the life then ever before and that too with a gentle smile. College is an institution and no matter how bad any particular college can be, still it teaches a world of good to you. My college taught me that how so ever bad things might be, but you still can work to do some “damage control” , else the things might become bad still. Tenacity brings luck but more importantly it brings you out of mess. A youngster need to have a tenacious and a never say die attitude . Tough people last but tough time doesnt. My SSB inteview in August 2008 brought a whole new Mujtaba in me. I realised the importance of positive thinking and found strength in the idea of perseverance. People make a living accumulating small successes time to time but look at me i have met failure at every corner of my life still i believe that those failures collectively would pronounce as a huge success one day. Now thats what I call optimism. But seriously i do have reason behind this logic. I never made a century and got out at 99 everytime but one day those 99 runs every time could well make me the highest run getter of all times. Insnt it.!!!!!


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