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The Words That Changed My Life. January 21, 2011

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There are moments that change your life. There are words that haunt you and shake you from within. They change your perspective and they change the way you deal with things in life. I bring forward some of those words that have effected me the most.

7. If you want it for yourself , then you’ve got to get it yourself. –

This quote taught me to be remain self-dependent through-out my life. It gives me a reason to work a little harder.

6. Its nice for your heart to skip a beat once in a while but it would be nicer if it does when you start earning your own money.

My Class 7th teacher Usha Ma’am was telling this to someone else but it somehow hit me the hardest.

5. He didn’t prosper because he didn’t do anything new.

Dad once said to me when he showed a shopkeeper in  Lucknow’s busiest market and said he is where he was 20 years before. I knew it then and there that if you have to succeed keep trying new things.

4. Mujtaba, do what you feel like but remember , you are responcible for every step you take and every move you make.

Last words of my principal before I was leaving the school. These words have somehow stayed with me the most.

3.If you think life will get easier then you mistaken. It will get tougher and tougher as days will pass on.

Its very rare when my dad talks and when he talks he makes sense. These were the words he said to me while sending me off to the first day of my college.

2. If every thing happens according to your will then its good,  if it doesnt then its better coz if it doesnt happen as per your wish then its happening as per God’s Wish and He knows best.

1. Electrical Engg -externals  30/100  internals 30/100.

I already had failed in 3 papers and had i got 1 marks less in internals or externals then i would have been sent back to first year, that would have meant end of studies for me.