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About Me November 8, 2008

Mujtaba Ariz Khan......The Pioneer Poet

Mujtaba Ariz Khan......The Pioneer Poet

In the bylanes of my memory I have preserved few moments . The moments that define me as a person. Take a walk with me as I bring some of those moments back to you.If you are one of my friend then in some strange place of my history you might even find yourself because we share a common yesterday.


Layega Mere Dil Ki Tadap Koi Kahan Se

Sunna Hai Mera Haal to Sun Meri Zabaan Se

Born and brought up in Lucknow, i share a deep and intense relationship with the city.

DOB : 7th of February.

Favorites :

Colour : Blue , White , Black              Author : Charles Dickens

Passion : Poetry

My Biggest Assets

Got to me my Parents. Mom And Allah are the only word i say when i am in trouble. I share a nice relationship with my dad and we are more like friends. He believe in me and i depend on him. I Walk with the Dua of my mom and advice of my dad.His words reverberates in my head everytime.

me inclined at 45 degree

My  Negative Points

isi talaash-o-tajassus me kho gaya hun main
jo main nahi hun to kyu hun , jo hun to kya hun main

If I were to call myself as a confused wanderer then i will be just about close in descibing myself because of my inability to take any decision has brought me today where I am ……I have lost just about everything worth treasuring life long only because i was wandering here and there when i needed to put my foot down and take a firm decision…..may be i would seem as a depressed soul to you but i bet i have queer talent of having huge mood swings rooted deeply in my character and i am capable of becoming all-together a diferent person in a short little second….. i am writing a sad post but probably i get confidence from the fact that most likely no body is going to read it…..

signing off

your friend


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. sanil Says:

    dats kewl dude..
    u shud hav waited 4 er..even dat she cud give u a kick on ur ass as well
    rather a kiss on ur ass..thik hai yaar hardly matters..but tune kabhi batay nahi,saale colg main bhi aisi kafi nazrain dikhti hai..ab sabke piche mat padna..coz der u got a broken heart..and here u ll get a broken..ass..u no da guys of dis place..

  2. Jitendra Singh Chauhan Says:

    wow mujju what a kewl site and even kewler about me description….
    and man to be honest i have sympathy with u on akansha’s incident i guess we all have been in that situation one time or the other.. ohhh crap! whom am i kidding with..its bullshit its just u and me who were in that situation
    no worries dude we have moved on and now a days i m singing
    kisko pyar karu kaise pyar karu ye bhi hai wo bhi hai[:d]
    enjoy buddy
    kewl rocking site
    rock on

  3. Neha Says:

    akanksha ko agar pata chala tu teri khair nahi….

  4. kabeer Says:

    abey lagey rehtey bey…. wo hi tera asli pyar tha… chalu piece item tha yaar…. net practice ke liye ekdam sahi….

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

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