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The Words That Changed My Life. January 21, 2011

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There are moments that change your life. There are words that haunt you and shake you from within. They change your perspective and they change the way you deal with things in life. I bring forward some of those words that have effected me the most.

7. If you want it for yourself , then you’ve got to get it yourself. –

This quote taught me to be remain self-dependent through-out my life. It gives me a reason to work a little harder.

6. Its nice for your heart to skip a beat once in a while but it would be nicer if it does when you start earning your own money.

My Class 7th teacher Usha Ma’am was telling this to someone else but it somehow hit me the hardest.

5. He didn’t prosper because he didn’t do anything new.

Dad once said to me when he showed a shopkeeper in  Lucknow’s busiest market and said he is where he was 20 years before. I knew it then and there that if you have to succeed keep trying new things.

4. Mujtaba, do what you feel like but remember , you are responcible for every step you take and every move you make.

Last words of my principal before I was leaving the school. These words have somehow stayed with me the most.

3.If you think life will get easier then you mistaken. It will get tougher and tougher as days will pass on.

Its very rare when my dad talks and when he talks he makes sense. These were the words he said to me while sending me off to the first day of my college.

2. If every thing happens according to your will then its good,  if it doesnt then its better coz if it doesnt happen as per your wish then its happening as per God’s Wish and He knows best.

1. Electrical Engg -externals  30/100  internals 30/100.

I already had failed in 3 papers and had i got 1 marks less in internals or externals then i would have been sent back to first year, that would have meant end of studies for me.



Oh Salman ! What have you done to yourself January 21, 2009

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The Hindi film industry is ruled by 3 khans since long- SRK, Aamir, Salman. Although Aamir And Shahrukh are still doing fine but the things are getting increasingly difficult for Salman.With hardly any hit film to his credit since a long while, Salman faces a threat of being soon termed as a thing of the past.He is more in the news being in love with Katrina than for any other reason. His Acting skills were always a questionable entity and he has survived mainly on his looks, physique and style. Quite recently he was seen in a flick’ Heroes’ dressed up as a sardar where he acted horribly.The dialogues he spoke in punjabi were uttered in bits and pieces and looked as if it was forced on him. It reminded me of something called ‘Ham-acting’.

Yes, I know Salman is a benevolent man and it will take ages for me to even reach 1% of which he is today, but being an ardent fan i have myreasons to be angry with the way salman has guided (and at the same time wasted) his career. Highly unprofessional approach has limited his growth as an actor. One is forced to think that he could have done so much better.Due to his attitude he hasn’t worked with the big banners.Some say out of choice but i have my doubts.

Salman has had huge fan following and even his worthless films like Garv, Salam-e-Ishq, Tumko na Bhool Payenge,Lucky, Hello enjoyed a healthy opening at the box office only on the brand name Salman.
His fans have been patient till now but only time will tell whether they are willing to put their money on an ageing horse. A lot is on stake on his coming film with Asin’London dreams’, but if it fails then it might even write a swan song for Salman.


Tiger On The Prowl December 18, 2008

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Contrary to the national mood, the lucknowites are busy fighting with a different kind of terror.A Tiger was spotted in the streets of Mohanlalganj and gosainganj, the suburbs of Lucknow.
Probably a 2 and a half year old tiger is on a royal visit to the laid-back City and has dined on few stray cows and a couple of blue bulls.The tiger is young — but those set after him are all veterans foresters. The combination is odd. But, forest department has no alternative. The officials heading the combing operation are seniors in the department and the so-called experts in tranquillising wild animals.

No matter even if these seniors are missing the dart each time . But you see they were out of practice for so long. A tiger is a rare sight even in Sariska , dont blame them if they are not prepared , on the contrary give them a national award for creating an atmosphere for tiger to feel safe and grow at such unusual places.
The tiger was sighted for at least half a dozen times on Wednesday ( remember when Rajiv Gandhi went to Ranthmbhor and came back without even seeing a single tiger.Imagine how happy would he have been had he been alive)

There are officials on four elephants chasing the animals and two parties dont even have the tranquillising guns.God knows what will they even do , if they happen to meet the tiger. I guess they are planning to scare the tiger with the elephant.Hehehe.

Had there been any elections in the offing then the tiger could have been used to gain political mileage( you know they use anything ) and afterall tiger makes a good conspiracy theory. The bird brain politician could have blamed the rival party or even Pakistan for the animal to have arrived the capital.But as of now the tiger has no nationality or party affliations.

After a week-long enthralling hide and seek with the tiger, the supposed wildlife experts have come to some entertaining conclusions. That the tiger is very cunning, that it is very alert for its survival and that it is very difficult to trap.I guess they were thinking of tiger to be a petty cat or anything like that. Experts fail to explain how their tranquillising darts, more than 30 used each costing Rs 2,000, have not found the tiger. There have been at least 20 sightings since December 13 but the UP version of Abhinav Bindras could not find the target as huge as a tiger.


The Art Of Avoiding December 4, 2008

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I think we all have, at some dark time in our lives, encountered people we would never want to encounter again. I certainly have. They say (please don’t ask me who ‘they’ is as I haven’t the slightest clue) that one can learn something even from the worst experiences. And i definitely have (i do note my obsession with the pronoun ‘I’). So I (yet again!) have devised a few tricks of the trade to avoid those I want to. And being a kind and generous person (just nod that head of yours!), thought of sharing these valuable and extremely handy ways to stay away from a person, without of course, letting that person know that 😀

1. DRH – No, it does not stand for drinking rum with honey. Why would anyone do that in any case? It stands for ‘duck, run, hide’: the three things you should do first when you see the Person U Need To Avoid (henceforth ‘Punta’). Duck – if in a gathering, sit down, bend down, crawl down – anything to avoid being seen. Run – only if you can run. Hide – behind the tallest, largest thing around (look for me if out of all options). DRH is only applicable, however, if Punta hasn’t spotted you yet.

2. Amnesia – local or general – In case you’ve met Punta just once or twice before, and it is too late for DRH, then simply look through. If Punta comes up to you, act as if you don’t recognize him/ her (local amnesia). If s/he is annoying enough to remind you of the exact circumstances of the unfortunate meeting, then say that it wasn’t you. Then if Punta asks who you are, say that you do not know (general amnesia). Usually, by the end of this conversation, you join the Punta list of your Punta, and it is their turn to become amnesic. Problem solved!

3. IADSThe ‘I am depressed‘ syndrome – If Punta is someone you’ve met a number of times (maybe an old college mate/ colleague etc) and amnesia will not work, then IADS is a safe option. Say that you are not well, emotionally and physically, and do not want to talk to anyone as of now. If Punta is bugging enough to pester you to discuss your ‘problems’, then graduate to IASS – ‘I am suicidal syndrome’, saying “If i talk about it now, it will be too much for me to handle and i would want to kill myself then, so please just leave me alone”. Unless that person has homicidal tendencies, i think you will be safe for the time being!

4. BFF to rescue – If you aren’t an actor enough to pull off IADS, then this is for you. Catch hold of your nearest acquaintance and start talking like you two are ‘best friends forever’. Best would be to talk about things you know Punta has no clue of, or would rather not comment on. Like talking about the value of faith in a relationship and how one has to be like the biggest losers to cheat on his/ her partner, if you know that Punta is seeing 3 people at the same time! In case Punta catches you alone, then do not worry. BFF can still come to your rescue. Just tell him/ her how you are super late to meet this friend of yours and just have no time to spare. If the situation demands, then turn your boss into your BFF.

5. Famous Five – What if Punta refuses to go even after all this? What do you do? Do not panic. There are a couple of things you can do, which will make sure Punta considers you Punta for the rest of his/ her life. Here i enumerate most effective and famous five of those:
One – Eat something that disgusts you and throw up all over Punta.
Two – Borrow Punta’s cell and make that long distance call to a friend you have so much to catch up with. Or maybe your bf/ gf – whichever is gonna cost more.
Three – Sing at the top of your voice while walking along with Punta on a busy road. But do it only if sure Punta will be embarrassed and not join you instead.
Four – Dig your nose and wipe your finger in Punta’s clothes.
Five – If even that does not work, just tell Punta, “Dude, your clothes stink and are filthy I can’t be with you or I’ll puke yet again” and scoot!

I hope these will help you while dealing with all kinds of Punta. Now that you have a basic idea, maybe you can think of some tricks too. Do share them with me. Happy avoiding!

Disclaimer – If this post puts me in your Punta list, then i just want you to know that i was super bored and had a toothache. Here is a golden opportunity to show how benevolent and sympathetic you are!