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Failure is never final May 29, 2009

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They say that the end justifies the means. My last few days at college were filled with anger , despair, a feeling of helplessness and most importantly extreme frustation. These wild emotions incessantly resonated inside me through-out my stay at IIMT last year and my last few days were no different. These feelings do not die easily and slowly eat your soul. My elders told me that heaven and hell lies on earth itself and we get punished for our deeds in this very life. I know for what i was punished but today I feel like as if my days of penance are over . Now whatever happens to me can’t be as bad as circa 2008-2009. But you can ‘t be sure what life has in store for you. My dad once told me that life gets harder and harder with every passing day. I do believe in what he said but one thing is for sure that i am better prepared to meet the life then ever before and that too with a gentle smile. College is an institution and no matter how bad any particular college can be, still it teaches a world of good to you. My college taught me that how so ever bad things might be, but you still can work to do some “damage control” , else the things might become bad still. Tenacity brings luck but more importantly it brings you out of mess. A youngster need to have a tenacious and a never say die attitude . Tough people last but tough time doesnt. My SSB inteview in August 2008 brought a whole new Mujtaba in me. I realised the importance of positive thinking and found strength in the idea of perseverance. People make a living accumulating small successes time to time but look at me i have met failure at every corner of my life still i believe that those failures collectively would pronounce as a huge success one day. Now thats what I call optimism. But seriously i do have reason behind this logic. I never made a century and got out at 99 everytime but one day those 99 runs every time could well make me the highest run getter of all times. Insnt it.!!!!!


Lucknow Gets A New Sister City- Brisbane March 29, 2009

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Lucknow’s Mayor has recieved an invitation from Brisbane City Council to establish a sister city relationship between them. It is a marvellous opportunity whose mere thought gives immence pleasure to the Lucknowites.
Lucknow would be the first city in india to have such honour. Currently, Brisbane has various sister cities, including Kobe (Japan), Semarang (Indonesia), Auckland (New Zealand), Chongquing (China), Kaohsiung (Taiwan),Daejeon (Korea) and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Although its hard to believe that the condition of Lucknow would improve but surely in days you would probably see shops around brisbane selling banarasi pan and people roaming around in Kurta-payjamas with rich embroidery…….the sky of brisbane will be populated with colourfull kites flying all over it. The attitude of those people is likely to metamorphose into a much more complicated one. Those people will be affected by our life style and hence will become more laid-back and give into a princely swagger. People in brisbane could now be spotted fighting in a more polite tone because all these things are the very basic traits of us lucknowites…..this is what we are known for.  This is to say tha if brisbane would be linked to us then they can not evade from getting a touch of our soul.


A PAK Of Cards March 5, 2009

The cricketing world was shocked by the attack on the lankan team but to sincerely speak,i wasnt. As an Indian i felt vindicated on the fact that our government did the correct thing by not sending our nation cricket team to a terrorised and almost a terrorist country-Pakistan.
Sri Lankans were very restless to play cricket in pak in the wake of our rejection. They were trying to be our substitute and now i believe that they would not even go to any place where us indians will deny going( not even in there own back yards).
On the more lighter note , i believe that this attack must have been funded by the pakistani bowlers.(hehehe)Samaravera along with fellow lankan batsmenwere piling on double centuries. had the tour gone ahead then many of the cricketing records would have been shattered.
But the Lahore commissioner thinks otherwise.He childishly pointed the finger on the big brother country-India. I ask him,how would he explain the so-called “indian terrorists” coming to Pakistan , easily firing bullets, rocket launchers, grenades in such a high security area and then calmly dissapearing into thin air of bazaars of Lahore. This would happen only if the pakistanis were extremely fond of indians and would prefer to die before letting anybody know about the whereabouts of the attackers.
Interestingly the commissioner Hamid Gul is himself an ex ISI top agent.this makes me think that pakistani people are such morons to let such idiots work in their intelligence services. Sadly he isnt the only idiot. One other man called Imran Khan once said that “The Indian team need not fear about any attacks because if the terrorists would attack then they will loose all the moral ground in a cricket crazy country. ” today he again opened his mouth by saying” There is no way one can deny that Pakistan is not safe now.No country will want to send its players here for any tournament.this must be the handywork of outsiders”.
You know what i wish to say to Imran-” Dude !!! Grow Up.Clean your mess then blame others…..or else the time will prove you wrong like it just blown our assurance of no attack on cricketers theory”.
Lastly i wish to say that may the Lankan cricketers recuperate fast and start playing soon……
Let there be Peace.


Hey Girl you are stronger than me !!!! January 23, 2009

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She met me with a warm smile but soon i could make out how fake it was.

I had known her for almost a decade and she has been really close to me. Last year she went to Gurgaon to work in an automobile company. To cut the long story short she had to face lewd comments and had to fight with perverts to guard her space. As far as i knew her she never believed in the saying ‘ if you can not beat them, join them’.  Therefore she fought, for she always has been a fighter.  After a while she changed her job but was not at all amused by the incedent and was quite disturbed by it.

Last week when i met her she told me story when i pressed her a lot. She asked me a simple question of which i had no answers. She said” Mujtaba,Why is it so tough to be a girl”. I joked and said” Hey i’ve been a boy all my life how can i know” but deep down inside i had no answers, just a helpless silence overpowered me. i felt bad and wished i could help her someway but in this big, bad world i am an insignificant force.

I sometime ponder that with all the degrees and percentages if we cannot learn how to treat a lady then what is the social importance of it.i read about the gender inequality being prevelent in old times, in lesser educated areas but quite lately i realised the fast paced big city people can be far more ugly and henious than we imagined. The world is fake far more cruel to the weaker sex. With all the pain they actually go through this terminology lost its meaning. The fairer sex is actually far more understanding and stronger and no longer deserves to be called a weaker one.But i guess they have always been like this.I salute them.

The world is fast changing but the trials and tribulations of the women remains the same. The trauma that they face makes the face of this world far more ugly . We call ourselves a free nation but how free are we when women,the better half of the population cannot walk with a fearless mind. .Its so easy to be afraid for someone we know and fight with the menace and when its concerned with a girl we dont know then we conveniently become the menace ourselves.i feel I share the guilt myself being a man.It must be quite abrupt for the ladies to go through the searching eyes of strangers everyday. i would have wept out of humiliation but thats what make the women so strong. Thank god I am a man.

There are few ugly things and you cannot do anything about it.Its a shame that your sisters and close friends have to go through all the madness alonebut one could only wish that world can one day will come out of the rags and clutter and transform into a beautiful place for our daughters before its too late.

with a silent prayer…….


The Tale Of Twin Cities January 15, 2009

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Gomti not only divides Lucknow in two halves but also has great effect on the spirit and nature of people living there.Trans-Gomti Lucknow, although shares the name with the old city, yet it is almost a different city in all way of speaking.Like two parallel lines, there are two absolutely different cultures within the city of Nawabs.The City is divided by Gomti in contrasting style and nature.Trans Gomti Lucknow is like a place of ‘haves’ and the old city is the place of ‘have-nots’.

The Old City has people living there since ages and even if they migrated there then they assimilated the culture and the  behavious peculiar to the regular lucknowite, but the people living in trans gomti area( i.e aliganj, gomti nagar, indra nagar etc) are the ones who live in the city because they came there in search for jobs.Most of them rich and affluent yet they lack the princely complacency and sophistication of the people of the old part of the city.


No place for them in our nation December 2, 2008

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Muslim organisations in Mumbai have decided that Muslim cemeteries in Mumbai, where unclaimed bodies are usually buried, will not open its doors for the last rites of these  ‘so called’  urban jehadis.
A move that has called for an out right salute from myside.The muslim organisations have taken a nice step which is so unlike their behaviour. It is an uncharacteristic move and deserve appreciation from my side.
I felt happy and they are justified in doing so. Islam , as i learned , teaches us to respect our nation. We even put the nation’s soil on our face (tayam-mum) which is only alternative to ‘wuzu’ ( a state of total cleanliness in which we can offer namaz). When we value our nation so much then how should we spare people who attacked us.They should be denied the martyrdom they seek and even a burial place

We believe that “Hubul Watn e Minal Emaan” means “love of one’s country is part of faith”. Its Part of our culture to love our nation.The fanatics should no longer represent the face of our faith. The sensible and just people  are the real representatives. We should stand and let ourselves be counted.It is high time we seperate ourselves from psycho terrorists because our silence shall bring us in their category. A category to which we certainly, do not belong.


May The Dawn Be Near December 1, 2008

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The horror of terror has grown huge in stature in the past few years. It has reached places which were thought unreachable a little while ago.I wish it should all end now.People say it is darkest before dawn. I ask isin’t it dark enough already. Shouldn’t the dawn be somewhere near.

I am a simple man of simple pleasure. I have lead an ordinary life and want a simple death for myself. I dont want an abrupt and unromantic end like a gun shot on my head from a mental terrorist. Is it too much of a wish ?

A big bad thing happened in mumbai, the incident ,no matter how devastating it may be for some families, would reduce to only a spicy story to some.The blame game shall start and sacrifice and the loss of life of innocents shall be used as a method of gaining individual points.The politicians in alligation mode shall treat this as statistics and wrong people will suffer.The worst part of the terror aftermath is the disintegration of society and the fallout of the social fabric which is sacred to us.This would reveal the cold face of our society, or should i say our cold society shall heat up for some time only to become colder than before.

Lastly , my heartfelt condolences to those families which lost someone dear to them coz they know the value of a life which would only be counted as an insignificant  number among the head count in a ridiculous government file.