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My Friends :My Mentors December 4, 2008

Life Has Been Extra Kind To Me For Blessing Me With Some Really Special Friends.Their Company Is More Than Just a Delight.

Some Are Sensible And Some Are Not, But All Have One Or The Other Unique Quality That Makes Them What They Are.Not Only Are They Fun To Have Around But They Are A learning Experience.I Have Learned More From Them Than I Must Have learned From Anybody Else.

Meet My Crazy Freinds.

Asharfabad Buddies

RDSO buddies

IIMT Friends

Shivam Shukla: One Of my closest Freind and probably the person who encourages me the most.Man Of Great Thoughts and Superb Oratary Skills.Will Burst into an impromptu laughter whenever he is in short of words .Rest Of The time he is smiling from behind his glasses.

Rahul Dwivedi: Duniya me Ishq Naam Ke Aaye The Ek Buzurg

Hum Log Bhi Fakeer Usi Silsile ke Hain……..

Rahul is a man who would go any distance to see others smile and would try to help others at his own expense.Even if he knows that it cant be done then too he is not the one who will let it go without an attempt.If he would come to me and say that he was In Bill Clintons House then i would believe him because he is a resourceful man and his connections and Acquantainces go deep and wide….thats Rahul for you

Syed Nisar Haider:I have seen him transform from being a snob to a generous and graceful personality.He can easily trust his friends and often gets hurt due to that.

SimerPreet : Really a sober guy .Kind of an introvert but real sensitive. He is very shy and quiet but mind you , he has a dragon hidden inside him.Has the potential of outsmarting the most brilliant of them all on his given day. Very innovative and hard working lad.We have had some fine moments together which i would never forget. Our little fights when i teased him are still fresh in my memory. He is very understanding guy and never minds about any joke you say on him. Has been the protagonist of many of my jokes and probably still is. hehehe. I have learned to be a little sober from him.

Mohd Zuhaib: Probably my oldest buddy and a man of few words.

Rijuta Mishra: She was a brilliant student but she decided an entirely diiferent carrer than ours or what would have been a common yet an obvious choice.She went on to study in the nations top most university of Law.She followed her mind and taught me to dare to be original.Very easily she could have taken a beaten path but she is not a common girl to do such unchallenging thing.She is the bravest of us all.

I am told (though I dont believe it) that we used to fight with eachother as kids.Very reluctantly I have to say that  our fight often reached to point of scratching each others faces. we called each other with all sort of funny names and still we are friends. Strange , Isn’t it !

Neharika Srivastava: Really a delight to have her as friend.She knew me inside out.Used to Judge me harshly but was really terse with her choice of words.To be eloquent was in her nature and knowledge runs in her veins in form of blood. A brilliant debator and a fine scholar, thats how we all knew her. She lives in a very vibrant and jovial joint family.Everybody in in cheers. I enjoy meeting them.

Ankit Tripathi: A very fine lad indeed.Master of many trades and Jack of None.Had a great control over his language and his nerve. I wish I could Learn what he used to do 5 years back even if I have to take 5 more years from now.

Soumya Srivastava: Her friendship with Ratika dates way back to school days when we were nothing but tiny tots, and Masha Allah they both did thier Bachelors and Masters together and by the grace of God they both are placed in the same company.A jubilient girl herself,Soumya teaches me to follow the pulse of the moment and enjoy to the fullest, and one more very important thing that never part with your old pals.

Ratika Rastogi: I hated her when i was a kid .She Used to Complain about my bad habit of inability to keep things secret ( one habit which has cost me dearly).I later learned on my way that had I been a little more alert to her complaints then ii would have been a happier man.Sorry Ratika,but I guess we cant have our days back but we can always learn from them.

Roshni Khan: First to get married amongst all my friends.Makes me jealous all the time because of that, but really a cool friend to have.She was very shy and a delicate kid and I haven’t seen her after that so her childhood image still linger in my memory.I really wished to have a sister like her when i was a child myself.I learned to realise my responsibilities towards my family from her.She has grown a lot since then and makes me think that i should be more serious and mature now.

Khaja Nasir Sidiqy: A friend by chance but as we moved along and known more about each other, i realised that i was blessed to even meet him.

Vaibhav Srivastava:One Year senior to me in RDSO and just about a perfect material to be described as “cool , calm and composed.’

Arpan Chaudhuri: The man who Copied my Hand Writing.He onced borrowed my Old Note Books before a summer Vacation and the first thing he did after coming back was to ask me to match his writing with mine.I Really got annoyed but in a way he showed me his reselience and his hunger for learning.I learned from him that nothings impossible if you have the guts and just a little bit of willingness in you.

Shahamat Mufti:Mufti Sahab is a wonderful kid….Nothing goes right for him and most of the time he takes it in his stride and laugh at his misfortunes and even fortunes….thats how he always keeps on finding new ways to get into fresh sets of troubles….

Sana Shahid: Pocket size bomb. Always has a cheerful smile on her face. A dependable friend to whom i can always share my secrets and i know that they are safe with her. She is our favorite punching bag and is always at the receiving end of lot of our ‘faltu’ pranks and jokes. But she doesn’t mind ( as if we care   lolz)

She teaches me to be a fighter for she is one herself.I am a fan of her courage and i have learned courage doesn’t depend on where you came from and who you are but surprisingly it ushers from within. But i must say it really takes a big heart to be what she is .

Yasha Anil: She once tried to jump off the window to go to her home to watch ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ which was being telecasted on TV on “jamghat”day.She behaved like a princess and was very much popular amongst her friend circle and she deserved to be.

We all felt very sentimental and mushy to hear about how she was beaten up at home by her mom for the little mistakes that she committed(i never understood that whether the stories she told had any truth or not) but she always was a flambouyant kid, doing what we could never do.Although a promising child yet she lost her way somewhere in the middle.I hope she is doing fine now where-ever she is. I learned to defy the odds from her.She can teach you how to handle peer pressure at any given day.Unfortunately she herself became an example of what excess pressure and harsh real world can do to a brilliant kid.

Mariyam Zaidi:A golden hair girl who was fond of cats.Her elder sister,Saher, inspired me a lot and I never saw her sad …she always kept a beaming smile on her face….a sure sign of social grace.Coming back to Mariyam,I will be totally frank and say that I dont quite remember her that well apart from few bits and pieces here and there.She was the center stage of lot of controversies and i felt sad for her being treated the way she was.

One more thing-Well , half of the class was mad about her and I belonged to the other half which was have all the reasons to doubt me but still I would stick to my earlier statement.

Mariya Zaidi:and she said that I was a politician…leave this and listen to one important thing….she was the one who had a magnificent hand writing , better than mine and i envied that ,(for those who dont know me-I had a beautiful cursive writing style but not as good as mariya).Later on I looked upto her and tried to improve and write just as she does but failed miserably.

Apart from that she was a shy kid and hardly spoke anything and mind you, when she spoke she did with great grace and ease.She had a yellow school bag that had a watch on it…and that very bag was the our center of attraction for many days.

I wanted to learn how to maintain poise and a confident stature but couldn’t. Wish I could one day be half as cool , calm and composed as she was at that tender age. She once complained to me that I instrumented many fights between her friends to become the class monitor.An allegation to which i would promptly deny.Even if it were so then it would have been due to my foolishness cause i never want to have my friends fight b’coz of me.After all said and done I think very highly of Mariya but she thinks I was a politician….

Prashansa: The sweetest kid i knew in my childhod….we used to steal her lunch box and tease her and do all kind of experiments that came to our petty minds back then but she used to never give us an expression other than a gentle smile….wow she was great…simply awesome…i still remember her but have no account where she is …..

Azharuddin: Quite and shy boy …azhar was a sober lad who was always there to help me.Extermely down to A warm smile and great hospilatity is what you will get every time you visit him.He has a younger brother whom you can easily take as his clone-“Fakhar”.

Inayat Ali: Best athelete i have ever seen.I remember him for his attitude and his dedication towards his goal.

Akshat Devashish : When he is not ill , he is one of the finest lad you will ever see , But the sad part is that he seldom  fit and fine. hehehe

Shashwat Srivastava: A big prankster ! very passionate and dedicated to anything and everything thats not concerned with studies.If he were to run a country like Gonzalo’s commonwealth then in his nation there would be 300 holidays and he would specially hold a meeting on the working days to discuss on the new ways to party hard.In short he is a complete freak. His Motto in life is:
“Main koi painting nahi
ki ek Frame me rahun
wohi jo man ka meet ho
usi ke prem me rahun”

Jitendra Singh Chauhan: aka Raja Singh Chauhan 

Ahmad Kabeer: I wish he finally he gets it big in the advertising industry, as he once told me his inherent desire.

Suruchi Agarwal: Bechari Pagal Hai…keeps on smiling all the time for reason unknown to mankind and uncomprehensible to even herself.

Saleem Ali: Stylo.

Abdullah Suhail: iAWMZ : I wouldn’t have been friends with next four people if i wouldn’t have known him.

Mohd Saifi Khan:Thoda pagal hai but thats how i like him to be…No matter how bad a shape you are in and he will find a way to make you smile. Prepared to make sacrifices for others and wants nothig in return. Has Loads of self respect for himself and is a typical ‘Pathan’. He has helped a lot and if it wouldn’t have been for his help then i wouldn’t have been able to host any  college event.i must say ‘thanks Saifi’.well he is a cleanliness maniac and pays attention to minute details pertaining to neatness and other small things in life.Had he been a girl then would have surely been a brilliant house-wife.

Shishir Kumar Singh: A bully, not really,but a complete introvert and for sure ,an extremely loyal friend. Would stand by you in the most testing time.I have seen the example from my own eyes when i once by pure chance saw few of my friends shivering in the college canteen at midnight and ,yes you guessed it right -he was there to give them company.
extremely popular amongst the mess workers,right hand man of many people ranging from the warden to sports instructor to the chairman , personal favourite of many college girls and ardently followed by the herds of juniors(mostly feminine)
also known as “bhaiya” ,shishir always had inherent leadership qualities that are envied by many (esp localites).
A pioneer in his own rights and has initiated many stylish moves, such as gentle flicking of his hair just above his forehead with his mere hands while he has still tilted his neck towards you. in a second he would toss his head up to give you one of his famous moves. This is also one of his signature style.
A sportsman and an extremely powerful one. Being a very soft spoken person he chooses his words well, when he does fail to find the
correct reply , out of shear helplessness he resorts to voilent methods , CP and I are the wost sufferers.
Got loads of latent and would do better if he has just a little bit of luck going his way.

Shahab Ahmad Khan:Would have been a perfect Gladrags Model if he had few more inches up to his height but for a man who is always on cloud no 9 (Satwan Asman As few may call it) height is just a petty issue, not even worth a consideration.Probably the best dancer among us and had Walt Disney been alive then Shabab would have given him the inspiration of re-inventing Donald Duck. A complete freak and would devour as much chillies as you have power to throw at him. Bond may have the license 2 kill but the license 2 thrill surely rests with this guy..!!! Bengali a.k.a Chhota Pepsi a.k.a Chhota Packet a.k.a Hutch Ka Chhota Recharge etc etc and the list is endless just like his energy. The man has a volcano waiting to erupt inside him all the time.

Sohaib Farooqui:This man has a gift of Gab but uses against me all the time.I know i can count on him if need be.But he least you talk to him, the better it is. He just looks for a moment and he would pounce on it like a tiger. Extremely aggressive and vociferously we defends himself in an argument. He has a peculiar way of bursting into a loud laughter every time he decides to enjoy on your expense. In an attempt of doing this he would clap his hands close to his body and slightly tilt himself on one of his legs. The more he tilts the happier he is. His partner in crime is Chhotu Shahab. Both are a deadly combination. Sohaib cracks the joke and shahab bears the brunt (in short he gets the thrashing)
favorite targets: Amrendra Sir, Shishir, Me(not often), Saif , Bhardwaj, anybody who comes in the way.

Anshuman Bhardwaj: He is what you get when you forcefully place the wits of a saint in a five year olds brain. A complete mismatch of all sorts. A genius at studies and I would promptly say that he is wasting his time in pharmacy sector where every one ends up being insane and whacky. God knows what will happen if would go on to pursue his masters .Sorry Anshu .Enough of this idiotism- my final word about him is that if you are looking for an understanding friend then he is the one to contact. Sketching is his passion and arts runs in his veins like blood. A CERTIFIED PSYCHO..for sure but hez got brainz..plenty of grey matter. We are sentimental friends. I am senti and he is mental.

Gaurav Haswani: He is my guru in my fields.

Anuja Srivastava: She was a brilliant dancer and she followed her dream till date.She has made her hobby her profession and i guess does she even get bored in her office.naah she enjoys what she does.

Subin Varier: Never saw a more confident man. a fountain of confidence , an epitome of grace and a superb friend. There aren’t many whom i have seen speaking as fluently and effort-lessly as Subin .Once he comes behind the mike then he becomes a warehouse of energy.Simply Mindblowing.
One of the best person to have around ,he is a man who wears his heart on his sleave..happy go lucky type ,if he is there then you wouldn’t have a dull moment ever …
and he will teach you a thousands of things only by letting you know how he does it. Makes BIG things look small and big worries insignificant, with his great
skills he makes life look easy yet he is laborious and toils hard for his goal. I wish if i could speak half as good as he does but only he can do
things the way he does. Thats Subin(Copy Rights Reserved) for you.

Husam ul Haq: ( Sam Sir) Extremely Cool personality

Piyush Srivastava: Lala pagal hai.

Saurabh Srivastava: A silent worker. He would never complaint or even grumble but would slowly and steadily work towards his goal. If you want any work done then simply ask this guy. Low on energy but extremely productive.

Anand Tripathi: I and anand had pretty similar likes and dislikes. Both were in love with Dia Mirza in school days but I made the sacrifice and the idiot anand never made the real attempt. He wasted my even my chance.

Naveen : Mast Aadmi hai ye.

Sachin B Yadav:A brilliant kid and has a great sense of humour. most of the jokes that i say are mine are actually the creation of his devillish mind. he lives as if this day is his last day of his life….ek dum bindass.His father has an uncanny knack of getting all sort of funny degrees to his name ranging from BA in 5 different Subjects to a degree in law to multicoloured BSc’s in physics and maths etc etc.This leave a huge responcibility on the shoulders of a man who didn’t even wanted to finish his single bachelors.i wonder how he pulled it off.

Manish  And Israr Bhai: I must take there name together coz they are one hell of a buddies themselves.Computer genius ,Toppers and dedicated student of their field.

Siddharth Singh:

Taufik :

Mr Vivek  : Awarded by the president with a young scientist’s award. A

Shweta : One of the most impressing and silken voice i ever heard. Very unstable at a person, she enjoys and gives respect to  all jokes in the same way.Laughes a lot but then its a good thing.I somehow get prepared to have a nice time whenever i see her near.

Astha: Extremely creative


Sanil P Thomas: An Athelete and

Saurabh Singh: Well Sunil Shetty is his alter-ego. A confident lad and incapable of hiding his true emotions.What is in his mind , is on his lips.  Complexity and uniqueness is palpable even in his jargon. Has a funny knack of keeping every bodies ‘nick-names’. He kept mine as well.He is the mind behind half of the nicknames you would come across in IIMT.

Neeraj Rathor: Our local ‘Honey Singh’. A funny Gujjar is a treat to watch just when he goes bonkers (which is almost all the time). An excellent mimic and has a treumendous comic sense. Has the capability of pulling any body’s pants down .Brilliant mind and  great company.Neeraj I’m a fan of yours.Autograph Please!!!
Durgesh ‘Kabu’: Speaks whatever comes to his mouth but posses a golden heart and brain.

Amit Mishra: Some voices live with you forever and amit’s voice has got to be one of those.A multi talented kid and
exteremly soft at heart and speech.
Ketan ‘KT’: The coolest kid around.

Abhijeet :

This Site is dedicated to all my friends.I wouldn’t have been me without you…If you still dont know then its your last chance to know that you people Rock!!! Love you all…..

They have affected my life in some or the other way


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