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RDSO Friends December 6, 2008

Shivam Shukla: One Of my closest Freind and probably the person who encourages me the most.Man Of Great Thoughts and Superb Oratary Skills.Will Burst into an impromptu laughter whenever he is in short of words .Rest Of The time he is smiling from behind his glasses.

Rahul Dwivedi: Duniya me Ishq Naam Ke Aaye The Ek Buzurg

Hum Log Bhi Fakeer Usi Silsile ke Hain……..

Rahul is a man who would go any distance to see others smile and would try to help others at his own expense.Even if he knows that it cant be done then too he is not the one who will let it go without an attempt.If he would come to me and say that he was In Bill Clintons House then i would believe him because he is a resourceful man and his connections and Acquantainces go deep and wide….thats Rahul for you

Syed Nisar Haider:I have seen him transform from being a snob to a generous and graceful personality.He can easily trust his friends and often gets hurt due to that.

SimerPreet : Really a sober guy .Kind of an introvert but real sensitive. He is very shy and quiet but mind you , he has a dragon hidden inside him.Has the potential of outsmarting the most brilliant of them all on his given day. Very innovative and hard working lad.We have had some fine moments together which i would never forget. Our little fights when i teased him are still fresh in my memory. He is very understanding guy and never minds about any joke you say on him. Has been the protagonist of many of my jokes and probably still is. hehehe. I have learned to be a little sober from him.

Ankit Tripathi: A very fine lad indeed.Master of many trades and Jack of None.Had a great control over his language and his nerve. I wish I could Learn what he used to do 5 years back even if I have to take 5 more years from now.

Vaibhav Srivastava:One Year senior to me in RDSO and just about a perfect material to be described as “cool , calm and composed.’

Arpan Chaudhuri: The man who Copied my Hand Writing.He onced borrowed my Old Note Books before a summer Vacation and the first thing he did after coming back was to ask me to match his writing with mine.I Really got annoyed but in a way he showed me his reselience and his hunger for learning.I learned from him that nothings impossible if you have the guts and just a little bit of willingness in you.

Shashwat Srivastava: A big prankster ! very passionate and dedicated to anything and everything thats not concerned with studies.

Jitendra Singh Chauhan: aka Raja Singh Chauhan

Ahmad Kabeer: I wish he finally he gets it big in the advertising industry, as he once told me his inherent desire.

Suruchi Agarwal: Bechari Pagal Hai…keeps on smiling all the time for reason unknown to mankind and uncomprehensible to even herself.

Gaurav Haswani: He is my guru in my fields.

Piyush Srivastava: Lala pagal hai.

Saurabh Srivastava: A silent worker. He would never complaint or even grumble but would slowly and steadily work towards his goal. If you want any work done then simply ask this guy. Low on energy but extremely productive.

Anand Tripathi: I and anand had pretty similar likes and dislikes. Both were in love with Dia Mirza in school days but I made the sacrifice and the idiot anand never made the real attempt. He wasted my even my chance.

Naveen : Mast Aadmi hai ye.

Sachin B Yadav:A brilliant kid and has a great sense of humour. most of the jokes that i say are mine are actually the creation of his devillish mind. he lives as if this day is his last day of his life….ek dum bindass.His father has an uncanny knack of getting all sort of funny degrees to his name ranging from BA in 5 different Subjects to a degree in law to multicoloured BSc’s in physics and maths etc etc.This leave a huge responcibility on the shoulders of a man who didn’t even wanted to finish his single bachelors.i wonder how he pulled it off.


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  1. Gargi Dixit Says:

    Ok so Vaibhav is your friend.

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