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My Inspiration November 10, 2008

As Far As I Can Take My Memory Back ,I am reminded of my time at Asharfabad. For me every nice thing happened before ’97.That was the year when i left Asharfabad.

Puja Chaurasia Ma’am:

My first inspiration ( if I don’t count anyone from my family ) would easily be Puja Ma’am.Of all the influences in my life she has had the greatest effect on me.

She  left huge imprints on my character and i learned a lot of things from her. Many of her words still echoes in my mind clearly as if she was somewhere near me today and has just said them to me . She took our English classes and I learned to respect others only because i was imitating her……May be those qualities were there in me due to my Mom being so sensitive and caring but Puja Ma’am being there for me aggravated my qualities.I wonder if she wouldn’t have encouraged me in my childhood then i wouldn’t have any interest in poetry which is half of my life.Puja Ma’am Thanks.I owe you a lot.

Usha Ma’am:

Steve Waugh:


3 Responses to “My Inspiration”

  1. vivek n shweta fm 90.4 Says:

    site is very sweet just like u lekin doston ki list me hume bhi dalo aur saath saath contact me bhi raho ok best of luck for your future

  2. Neha Says:

    thats choo chuweet..mera bachcha

  3. Syed Azeez Says:

    ur words fabulous keep it up.
    Syed Azeez

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