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Highway Of LiFe !!..!! April 16, 2009

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A sabulous stroll down the memory lane;
On the variegated chariot of delight.
Amidst the rocky narrow streets of pain;
sometimes to the exquisite ecstatic height…

Where some effulgent moment continue to shine on…
With some cimmerian nights eclipsing  the sheen f joy.
And ailing agonies dashing to the island f grief..
And pleasures weaving an illusionary decoy…

Rejuvenating  the past with the essence f remembrances;
And living in that few moments the span f years.
There lies a dry  crumpled rose still full f fragrances;
Chanting softly the saga f some unshrinking distances….

Coming back to present with some tears & smiles;
With your love shining bright,can walk an extra mile.
Not the candid hours:memorable moments r worth while;
They are what make us whole,no matter if they are volatile……

The longing to relive some moments intense!!!!!!!!!
The desire to embrace the warmth of words unsaid…
With hope that sunny days will be back again…….
Compensating  with love n care for my embroiled pains…….