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The Words That Changed My Life. January 21, 2011

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There are moments that change your life. There are words that haunt you and shake you from within. They change your perspective and they change the way you deal with things in life. I bring forward some of those words that have effected me the most.

7. If you want it for yourself , then you’ve got to get it yourself. –

This quote taught me to be remain self-dependent through-out my life. It gives me a reason to work a little harder.

6. Its nice for your heart to skip a beat once in a while but it would be nicer if it does when you start earning your own money.

My Class 7th teacher Usha Ma’am was telling this to someone else but it somehow hit me the hardest.

5. He didn’t prosper because he didn’t do anything new.

Dad once said to me when he showed a shopkeeper in  Lucknow’s busiest market and said he is where he was 20 years before. I knew it then and there that if you have to succeed keep trying new things.

4. Mujtaba, do what you feel like but remember , you are responcible for every step you take and every move you make.

Last words of my principal before I was leaving the school. These words have somehow stayed with me the most.

3.If you think life will get easier then you mistaken. It will get tougher and tougher as days will pass on.

Its very rare when my dad talks and when he talks he makes sense. These were the words he said to me while sending me off to the first day of my college.

2. If every thing happens according to your will then its good,  if it doesnt then its better coz if it doesnt happen as per your wish then its happening as per God’s Wish and He knows best.

1. Electrical Engg -externals  30/100  internals 30/100.

I already had failed in 3 papers and had i got 1 marks less in internals or externals then i would have been sent back to first year, that would have meant end of studies for me.



It isn’t time that’s passing by- Ruskin Bond September 11, 2010

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Remember the long ago when we lay together
In a pain of tenderness and counted
Our dreams: long summer afternoons
When the whistling-thrush released
A deep sweet secret on the trembling air;
Blackbird on the wing, bird of the forest shadows,
Black rose in the long ago summer,
This was your song:
It isn’t time that’s passing by,
It is you and I.
— Ruskin Bond


Failure is never final May 29, 2009

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They say that the end justifies the means. My last few days at college were filled with anger , despair, a feeling of helplessness and most importantly extreme frustation. These wild emotions incessantly resonated inside me through-out my stay at IIMT last year and my last few days were no different. These feelings do not die easily and slowly eat your soul. My elders told me that heaven and hell lies on earth itself and we get punished for our deeds in this very life. I know for what i was punished but today I feel like as if my days of penance are over . Now whatever happens to me can’t be as bad as circa 2008-2009. But you can ‘t be sure what life has in store for you. My dad once told me that life gets harder and harder with every passing day. I do believe in what he said but one thing is for sure that i am better prepared to meet the life then ever before and that too with a gentle smile. College is an institution and no matter how bad any particular college can be, still it teaches a world of good to you. My college taught me that how so ever bad things might be, but you still can work to do some “damage control” , else the things might become bad still. Tenacity brings luck but more importantly it brings you out of mess. A youngster need to have a tenacious and a never say die attitude . Tough people last but tough time doesnt. My SSB inteview in August 2008 brought a whole new Mujtaba in me. I realised the importance of positive thinking and found strength in the idea of perseverance. People make a living accumulating small successes time to time but look at me i have met failure at every corner of my life still i believe that those failures collectively would pronounce as a huge success one day. Now thats what I call optimism. But seriously i do have reason behind this logic. I never made a century and got out at 99 everytime but one day those 99 runs every time could well make me the highest run getter of all times. Insnt it.!!!!!


The War brings out the devil within us May 20, 2009

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The bodies of the family members of the notorious terrorist Prabhakaran were found yesterday in a pile of 18-20 bodies in the Nandikadal channel area. His wife Mathivathani Erambu, daughter Duwaraka and his younger son Balachandran were killed by the army. Although prabhakaran was a threat to Sri Lanka but i believe that his family could have been spared. The 13 year old boy Balachandran was defence less. atleast the ladies must have been given a different treatment. When you do not behave in a gentleman’s way with someone then how come you deserve or demand a gentlemen’s behaviour. Prabhakaran was no doubt a terrorist but the modern day army should have some values and ethics. It was really bad to see the fate of the family of the slained terrorist. Although I have no symapathy waht so ever with the LTTE chief but i still believe in giving respect to the defenceless.

The war brings out the evil within us and we finally become the person whom we hate so much. The tough hand with which the people in war effected zone were held shows that with success a lot of arrogance do comes naturally. The civilians were brutally murdered and i believe what will happen if more ‘prabhakaran’ get born from the ruins of this catastrophe. Army is after all an organised unit and it should refrain itself from getting in the human rights violations. Old vedas and history of India taught me that in the early days when the war used to be fought then rules were followed.Sarthi( driver of the rath) was never targeted. This shows that we were more civilised in the past and as the time went by we became more and more barbarous. I am of an opinion that even in the wake of a war one should not forget the value of an innocent life. What happened with Prabhakaran was all right but his family did not deserve what happened to them. The Sri Lankan Army became a terrorist to kill a terrorist.


Kudos to you- Puja, Neera and Shubhra April 29, 2009

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The amount of courage that mother nature bestowed upon the heart of a mother is endless. A mother when fears the existence of her child become capable of unmatched grit and valor, she does the impossible and fights the world singlehandedly. A unique ability that no other being possess or might ever dare to achieve. Puja Chopra has been crowned as new Miss India. The success of Puja Chopra vindicated her mothers decision of leaving her father after he neglected his daughters. Neera Chopra, the mother of the current Famina Miss India Puja Chopra , is a women of resolve. She brought up her two daughters, Shubhra and Puja, all by herself after she was forced out of the house of her husband, when Puja was just 20 days old and Shubhra was just 7 years old. Puja proved no matter how much the odds are against you still all it takes to prove your worth is just a little courage stirred gently in a cup of patience. She should more aptly be termed as the Destiny’s Child. She came from a very humble family and saw a lot of hardships. Mother saw fighting her saw through abject poverty all alone and she gave what ever she could give, still the family of three females were more or less hand to mouth most of the time. Her mother recalls how her elder daughter would save her food so that she could give it to her younger sister the next day for lunch. All the possible problems could not keep her mother away from dreaming of a day when her daughter would do her proud. The faith in her eyes kept her going while her worked 16-18 hours in a Hotel and still managed to give odd tuitions in whatever time she managed. Neera , remembers how her husband neglected her after she could not give him a male child. The apathy and neglect forced her to choose between her husband or her daughters. She choose her daughters and decided to fight her way and prove her husband wrong , who thought daughters were worthless. Today when Puja became Miss India then a good chunk of her success should be owed to the courage of her mother and sister. I salute you Mrs Neera Chopra. You are a fountain of inspiration. A lot of women today are fighting their small wars at the battlefronts confined within the boundaries of their own houses. Women are fighting to keep their marriage alive and are silently bearing the physical and verbal abuse. A mentality of the world is still biased towards the male counterpart. May be I believe that men know deep down inside them that women are more powerful and if they will allow them to rise then they might displace them from their position in the society. The world was shocked by the images of Taliban punishing a woman by whipping her publically. The world stood up protesting against it and quite rightly so. But let me remind you that a lot of women still face the neglect and abuse all across the world. The only difference is that it is not public. Both form of crime against women is heinous. For the sake of keeping their marriages intact women choose to say nothing. I just cant think of the trauma and the pressure that goes in their minds. A lot of you may say that the things have improved but I believe a lot needs to be done. The men needs to give up the idea of supremacy and realize that the equality of stature of women. I have heard about the evolution of species. Think what would happen if the women would evolve themselves against all the crime committed against them and biologically decide to give birth to only female child. If the crime shall persist then the evolution could continue and then the male female ratio could drop significantly. Then one day would come when the current species of men would phase out and a different, less strong species of men would come into being. They would be ruled by women then. The women would then take the upper hand. Then every body in the Government would be Women and men would cry for getting a 30 % quota in the parliament and they will be declined. They would only fight election if their criminal wife is not allowed to contest. Men would be sexually abused at the busses, train or the area of public transport etc. Men would fear going out alone in the dark and they would read about the golden days of history when they used to rule the world. I wish that that day should not come therefore I plead to all my brothers to kindly spread the awareness about the equality of gender and try to respect the other sex as well. By the time this doesn’t happen all I say is that- Kudos to Womenhood.


Highway Of LiFe !!..!! April 16, 2009

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A sabulous stroll down the memory lane;
On the variegated chariot of delight.
Amidst the rocky narrow streets of pain;
sometimes to the exquisite ecstatic height…

Where some effulgent moment continue to shine on…
With some cimmerian nights eclipsing  the sheen f joy.
And ailing agonies dashing to the island f grief..
And pleasures weaving an illusionary decoy…

Rejuvenating  the past with the essence f remembrances;
And living in that few moments the span f years.
There lies a dry  crumpled rose still full f fragrances;
Chanting softly the saga f some unshrinking distances….

Coming back to present with some tears & smiles;
With your love shining bright,can walk an extra mile.
Not the candid hours:memorable moments r worth while;
They are what make us whole,no matter if they are volatile……

The longing to relive some moments intense!!!!!!!!!
The desire to embrace the warmth of words unsaid…
With hope that sunny days will be back again…….
Compensating  with love n care for my embroiled pains…….



The Art Of Letting Go..!!.. April 14, 2009

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Letting go is hard,but it is an essential part of our Life.And unless you learn ,how to let go – whether it’s your toy when you’re a child and need to give it away because  you’re  too old for it,or your  first love who for some reason cannot be yours – you will never grow .You will have feelings of hurt,remorse guilt and self-pity,but once you acknowledge those feelings.and understand why letting go will in turn ,later benefit you and those around you,the  process will become easy to tackle..


We are all wired differently.So,quite naturally,when what you think will happen does not happen,it leaves you angry ,upset and hurt.However when you cool down and look back to see what you learnt from the experiences,you will begin to understand a couple of things -it was never meant to be yours because your personalities mismatched and-you can never change anybody forcibly,but you can try to change yourself. And once you let go,you also realise there is  a world outside the one you were clinging on to.Also,everything is predestined,and if you believe in the purity  of your self then hold tight one belief that God can never do to you what is wrong.He is the only one who helps us to cruise through every tough time.He loves us too much to embroil us with pain for too long.

Letting go  revitalises your body and mind like nothing else can.It is easy to let go.Acknowledge the hurt and pain in first place.Life is unfair.Accept that.Nobody gets dealt with same set of cards.There is happiness and sorrow in different parts of everyone’s lives,only we dont know is when we have to go throughh our share of eacch.

Life is too short to hold on to anything.This is the time to let go.Do it mentally first..MOVE ON…

Dont let it stagnate to a pool of regrets,hatred and old grouses.Grow up.Choose to be joyous and happy..

“Time moves only forward.It leaves the past behind.To be liberated is to switch our minds off and erase the old files.We can take a tip from time -Leave the past where it belongs …in the past…..

Move on..Life is beautiful..Hold it with both your hands and just realise  how lucky and blessed you are..

Make most of  every moment and you will never run out of reasons to smile and celebrate.. 🙂

Inshallah..  🙂 🙂 🙂